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Artwork for this project and on this page (c) Steve Maschuck

"Of the life of the Old Ones, both under the sea and after part of them migrated to land, volumes could be written." 


- Howard Phillips Lovecraft


We have kept this project quite secretive since it began production in late 2018. It began as any project does - with a conversation. Al Baldwin (The Pallid Mask) and I had a very lengthy and in-depth conversation about the works and worlds of Howard Phillips Lovecraft one evening and by the end of that conversation I had extended an invitation to him to join me on what has become quite a journey thus far! I told Al about my album The Secrets of Vanished Aeons which was my exploration, excavation and transmutation of Lovecraft's epic tale, At the Mountains of Madness. However, it was only part of what I wanted to cover - an album only providing 80 minutes worth of space to fill. As I recall the conversation went something along the lines of:

ME: I have a tendency to raise the bar for myself with each project and with this continuation I want to explore the earth history of the Elder Things

AL: Sounds good!

ME: From the ground floor!


And since then the project has welcomed two more members:


1. Fred Lubnow who writes the Lovecraft Science Journals and adds incredible scientific plausibility to story and its          creatures. I read his journal about how the Elder Things interstellar travel would be possible and my mind was              blown! I knew that this was this inspiration for the direction and depth of the project. Subsequently I reached out to      Fred and told him about the project and asked if I could include his writing in the project in some way. The reaction      was favorable and the extent of the involvement grew steadily over time. I give credit to Al Baldwin for sending me        the link to that journal which helped further evolve what this project has since become. 

2. Steve Maschuck who is an incredible artist and designer. He was suggested to me by Fred Lubnow (being cousins)        and the moment I saw Steve's work I was sold! Here Al and I were working on an audio project taking place in real        time on pre-historic Earth... and I see from these drawings/paintings... Steve was already there waiting to bump            into us (it certainly seems that way as serendipitously as this project came together). Thank you Fred, for the                suggestion!

The four of us are so much in sync that it is just about a hive-mind mentality. The writing inspired art and music... the music and art inspire one another. In fact, allow me to give you an example as well as an idea of what this project really is and a taste of what is to come! Below are the first three tracks from Disc One (of Two) which depict the Elder Thing's journey to earth beginning with their interstellar travel to earth and ending in the discovery of the ocean floor where their settlement of Earth begins. It is recommended to listen on headphones in chronological order.

Filtering Down From the Stars (From Across Black Seas of Infinity) is the opening track for disc one (of two) of THE ELDER ONES. This track continues directly from the last track of The Secrets of Vanished Aeons which is titled "Across Black Seas of Infinity". It opens with the tail end of that previous track and opens up into the sounds of space as the Elder Things make their pilgrimage to Earth. In his Lovecraft Science Journal Fred Lubnow explained that the Elder Things used dark matter, and the dark energy currents within that matter, to travel through space. I wanted to create what that scene would sound like... the energy, the currents... the elder things sailing past upon them and in the last minute(s) of the piece have them entering Earth's atmosphere. This... is just the beginning!

art: Steve Maschuck
music: The Unquiet Void

Alien Wall_1.jpg

Disc One:

Filtering Down From the stars (from across black seas of infinity)




building the elder cities

a new arrival

r'lyeh risen

r'lyeh lost

that is not dead which can eternal lie

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