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So it went down like this - it was 2006, I was promoting The Shadow-Haunted Outside on MySpace. I sent a link to a piece from the album to a gentleman name Mel House. The very next day I received a response asking if I'd like to provide the soundtrack to a Lovecraftian horror film he was filming called Closet Space. I asked if there was a trailer for the film and there was. Mel sent me a link to the trailer and I watched it and I liked it. I told Mel I would be interested and... here we are! 

Mel sent me an unfinished screener of the film which gave me some pretty good ideas where I could go with the soundtrack. I watched the screener a few times and took notes on which scenes I thought were key to accentuate. I sent Mel files of the work I was doing with blurbs about which scenes the pieces were written for... and then at times some back and forth about what he'd like brought out more in the tracks or subdued. To be honest working with Mel was great! He trusted me to do right by his film and for most of the tracks there wasn't much tweaking that needed to be done. He liked my work, I liked his work and the two were joined in unholy matrimony. Despite the fact that Mel gave me complete creative freedom he was incredibly pleasant and easy to work with.

Also, besides the score - I am uncredited on the film as having provided some of the sound FX in the film. I was happy to do that for Mel!

In 2007 I accompanied cast and crew to Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, NJ. 






















ABOVE, the Closet Space crew: (left to right: Jason Wallach, Jason Stewart (writer), Melanie Donihoo (actress), Mel House (director).

Closet space trailer

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