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Where Black Stars Rise

A new release, Where Black Stars Rise, will be released the summer of 2019. This new 6-song album is based on and inspired by the Robert W. Chambers novel, The King in Yellow. The tracks on the album are derived from Cassilda's Song from the play itself. Each track title describes an event mentioned in the song drawing the listener ever closer to Carcosa. For More information click HERE.

NOW AVAILABLE on limited edition CD HERE and Digital Download with exclusive content HERE.


The Secrets of Vanished Aeons:

The Unquiet Void explores the scientific, elemental, historical and alien concepts of H.P. Lovecraft's magnum opus, At the Mountains of Madness. Fear and fascination build and erupt in a crescendo of dark-ambient and, at times, industrial chaos. Ltd. Ed. Tri-fold digipak CD available exclusively through this website!! 

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